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  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Minutes to midnight
  • Reading: How to Dominate the world in 3 days
  • Eating: Udon.
I'm currently kinda busy with my college assignments. I will have to pause all my projects for like arond 3 to 4 weeks. I did mention making either a Zoids or Gundam parody animation awhile ago, but it turns out that i finally decided to do a Macross/ Robotech fan animation instead @_@. Well, it's already 60% completed only 5 scenes left to animate.… This is the link to my wip.

Also, when i'm back, I'll start working on Magical-goat's "Pimp with a solar powered lazer pistol" and a DoTA fan animation featuring Trexx the Drow Ranger VS Anubrak the Nerubian Assassin!!! One shall stand one shall fall!!! Muahahahahahha....

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Anyone that gets me the Screen Shoot of my 500th page view can get me to draw something for him/her!!! Gambate!!!

I'm currently working on 2 collabs, and 3 personal projects. Which personal project should i finnish first? Hmm... i've got a Zoids parody, Gundam Seed parody and a... Erm... a serious short; haven't got a name for that.

Zoids or Gundam??? Zoids or Gundam??? Zoids or Gundam??? Zoids or Gundam??? Zoids or Gundam??? Zoids or Gundam??? ARgh.....!!!

If you are reading this, help me decide. lolz. Thankz
My exams are finally over, and I'm having a 3 weeks long term break.
Oww... that means i can come out with more crap!!! Banzai!!!